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Seo for Adult Sites – The Ultimate Adult SEO Guide 2022

Hello, welcome to Seo for Adult Sites

Do you need  seo strategies to position porn sites ?

Or maybe you need  quality content  for your adult website?

Then you have come to the right place.

No doubt. Sex sells. It is something that has been known since the beginning of the Internet and social networks until today, in the year 2022. And it will continue to sell a lot in the future.

For my part, I have surrounded myself with a fabulous team of designers, SEO consultants, copywriters (who write super attractive texts) and we have gotten down to work from the writing. To squeeze every cent invested in making profits.

The adult entertainment market has become a business where you can earn huge financial profits.

But for that you have to have the right professionals at hand and  have the necessary knowledge to make a website convert . That is: to transform your projects and ideas into those juicy profits. But let’s get down to business.

Do you have an adult website and want to gain visits to increase your income?

A roadmap. A plan to take action. If you wait a bit I will tell you how to get the guide. Notice this:

Stay with one fact:  Porn is the most searched  on the internet even in 2021 . So there is a wide market that is willing to enter your website. It is a very lucrative business. That is why you need a website that is monetized that will allow you to participate in this extra income that other people are taking into their pockets

How to make money with your sex website? If you are a webmaster of a porn website, we assume that you already know  how to contract advertising for erotic sites  and which are the best affiliate programs.

If you don’t know, don’t worry. In the free traininig that I have prepared for you, I explain all this in detail for those who start from scratch.

But maybe you are here because you are an entrepreneur who wants to position an adult website and you do not want to know SEO stories

That is why if you have no idea of ​​this knowledge or you do not have time to learn how to generate money optimally with xxx sites,  we recommend that you hire our services . Invest and we take care of both:

  • Attractive and lightweight web designs with  wordpress themes  that fly on any device
  • Quality content and  seo optimized  for all search engines
  • Persuasive copywriting  to get more sales.
  • Interlinking or internal framework of your website to start positioning without hardly needing external links,
  • Progressive link building  with our database with  more than 10,000 quality backlinks  (both follow and nofollow) to grow progressively without penalties

My team and I will help you in all these areas, so you  don’t need to spend hours and hours in front of your computer,  we already do everything for you. Visit our plans.

Maybe right now you are thinking:

Look randy, this is all very well but I’m not a company and I can’t afford to use your services. I barely have 10 dollars to buy a domain and another 30 for cheap hosting.

Ok I understand. We have all started from scratch.

That is why I have created this complete post in 2022 on how to generate Seo income for Adult Sites . This guide will be your best tool so you can set up a simple website with adult content. there are multiple categories to choose the porn niche, for example: Lactating Porn

You will learn how to gain organic traffic, that is, visits that come from Google without paying a euro for us to understand each other. We are also going to bias that traffic so that your visits are of quality.

Here’s something you should know very importantly:

It is not interesting to have visits at all costs .

In porn web pages it is very easy to gain visits. You put up an erotic website and users rain down on you from all sides since sex is one of the most demanded things on the internet. So you can easily reach 300 or 400 daily visits to your website.

What is the problem?

That these visits are not of quality. These users are just voyeurs  who are only going to do is browse your website without spending a euro because what they are looking for is free. Anyone can access xxx content without paying.

Look here I leave you a screenshot of my first website for adults that I set up. It had a traffic of 1300 visitors a day.

You can think how many visits, right? I’m sure you generated great income with it.

Well no.

He barely earned 10 euros a month from adult advertising. Why?

Very easy (now that I know). Because he was an inexperienced webmaster and he didn’t know that traffic at all costs didn’t work.

Upside down. I had more hosting costs due to the thousands of users who entered every day to sniff free porn and who did not spend a single euro to click on my post.

But, with years of experience I have learned what mistakes I made.

Now I explain them to you for free if you register for my online training that I send by email to all my students privately.

I will show you what should be the roadmap that you must follow  to generate passive income in 90 days . Without having to spend years and years learning by the trial and error method until you see that it works.

Well, let’s continue with the topic of visits.

.. what if we told you that  you can get visits from highly qualified traffic ?

That is to say, visits that generate income with a small amount of traffic, so they do not consume almost megabytes and therefore  it is cheaper for you.

Because if you only have 10 visits a day, your website barely consumes resources and bandwidth.

You will have an adult site hosted on normal hosting, without excessive storage or bandwidth plans. You will spend less and earn more.

All with minimal web maintenance that barely consumes resources.

Think that for each photo you upload, there are at least 50 kb and that is if it is optimized. If you have thousands of visitors per month that means thousands of megabytes of bandwidth. You would have to hire a very expensive hosting plan with premium services so that your website is not slow.

Having many visitors makes your porn portal slower so it will be expensive and on top of that it will not position. Google  rewards fast websites  that load fast, at lightning speed

If you have thousands of visits and a low-performing hosting plan, a funnel of people will form trying to enter but they can’t because there are many visitors trying to watch free porn at the same time.

You are going to waste your money and that does not make any future project viable.

We are specialists in attracting quality traffic for adults, users who enter your website and spend the money. We have been doing it for more than 10 years on all kinds of websites and we have a lot of experience. That is why the easiest way to do it is by hiring  our SEO services for sex websites . We position you in the top rank of the keywords that give money. Investing in our plans will be very profitable for you.

But maybe you can’t hire our services…

I too have been through this. You don’t have money and you want to start generating it right now.

Especially since there are many people getting involved in the subject of porn and participating in the succulent benefits that it gives.

They are getting rich while you take no action.

And now more than ever since with the world situation in 2021, you cannot leave home and all the people are  learning how to make money with a porn website

I understand.

But let’s talk about SEO. How can I make money with my porn website by improving my SEO?

It is a thorough process, long and takes time, SEO is a matter of patience and doing things right.

It is slow but then it begins to bear fruit and it is incredible the amount of income that you can have later with an adult website in passive mode. Without being all day in front of the computer. Making money while you sleep . Sounds nice right?

In my free training I am going to explain how to make money with porn websites with a set of great step-by-step guides with all the guidelines you must take.

You will have at your disposal the best advice to position yourself little by little but without rest.

And  when you generate income for yourself, you will be able to hire  editors, copywriters, community managers, scale your business progressively and thus earn even more money!

Money makes more money, all rich people know that. That is why they reinvest part of what they have earned. And that is when they grow even more, some even setting up an empire.

In 90 days you will achieve your goal.

Because your competitors do not have the information that I provide you by email. Free. Step by Step. With all the secrets revealed.

Follow the instructions that I explain in my free training and you will see with your own eyes  how to earn money with a sex website after a few months  of following each step.

SEO for sex pages

Are you struggling to get free organic traffic from Google?

Do you find it difficult to do the adult SEO of your website and get backlinks?

Do not worry, with the information that I send you to the email you will witness  an increase of more than 500% in your visitors  that come from Google.

Who will be interested in my emails?

Whether you are an individual or a company that is looking for how to have visits to pages of girls with webcams, pages of photos or sex videos, a page of sexual stories, an adult service such as contacts or in general learn porn seo.

Many years ago I didn’t even know what it was.

I myself was in charge of creating the websites in WordPress, giving them an attractive design, testing adult ads, analyzing the usability of each website, testing them to understand the analytics of the Search Console and Google Analytics…

In short, I dedicated myself to “testing tactics” and pointing out what worked and what didn’t.

Now I consider myself a good SEO because I have already helped to create  more than 50 adult websites , from webcam models, adult blogs, porn movie sales, porn tubes or escort websites.

Now I know how SEO has changed over the years.

I know the recent trends, work techniques, I know how to handle the best SEO tools on the market:  ahrefs, SEMrush, Ubersuggest, Surfer SEO …

And I even manage a special software that we use in our Agency that  is exclusive for our clients . A program that is a gem to handle tons of information that allows us to improve SEO by automating thousands of tasks.

Who are you Humbert to explain about adult search engine optimization, are you an expert or a guru?

I personally love to learn and therefore I have learned from the experts in the SEO industry, I have bought many expensive SEO courses to learn as well.

I graduated in digital marketing and  have done hundreds of “tests” or experiments to find out what works best , adapting quickly to the constant changes in the Google algorithm.

Also, all the techniques that I mention in my free training are being done on my websites as well, so I can guarantee that they work.

Now I ask you, dear reader: Who are you?

I say this because my experience in SEO will help you if you are someone on this list:

  • Curious who wants to learn about SEO
  • Owner of any type of adult website
  • Adult businesses and companies offering erotic or sexual services.
  • Webcam model / actress or advertising company for model / escort / escort website.
  • Webmaster who already has income with this type of page and wants to make the most of every euro that he reinvests in advertising, marketing
  • Affiliate manager with adult content or freelance affiliate to this type of promotions
  • Retired who gets bored at home, you want to do something productive that gives you some extra income 😉

Well, if you are one of the above, I suppose that you have already subscribed to my free online SEO training. In it I explain the following secrets:

Seo for Adult Sites – Driving Organic Traffic

What is seo for adults and why should I care?
Adult SEO basics Setting
up an adult website and basic SEO
Rookie mistakes that can kill your website
The right way to find adult keywords
Building backlinks the right way – yes, techniques of real work at 100%.
How To Hire The Adult SEO Services Company Adult
SEO Tools That Will Work Like An Army Of 100 Soldiers

Adult SEO for Companies

But maybe you are a big company, a multinational company that needs someone to make  it appear right now in the first positions of Google.

Learning to do SEO takes time. If you don’t have time to read and assimilate all the knowledge of my online training, you can opt for the fast track: Hire our services and forget about the thousands of factors that make a website profitable.

We’ll go through your entire website and tell you exactly what it takes to drive massive, quality organic traffic.

The budget is free and my team will solve all your doubts. If you’re convinced then we’ll get down to planning the perfect results-oriented SEO strategy for your site.

About us?

Our team is made up of experienced SEO consultants who have helped build websites with millions of visitors every month, both from sex sites and from other sectors.

We know our work, you leave it in good hands.

If you hire our services, you will be advised privately on what should be the best strategy to apply to multiply your income in a few months with relatively little work.

Do things well done from the beginning to establish some pillars of a web architecture that by itself and without backlinks, already get qualified traffic visits.

Adult SEO is no different than normal SEO, however, the link building process is a bit different.

Why should I care about organic traffic from Google?

The answer is simple. Let me explain this to you:

It’s free traffic: Since you’re not paying to drive traffic to your website, people are finding your website on the Google platform and coming to your website. You don’t have to spend any money to attract those visitors to your website.

But we must have a platform that receives all that traffic. A website primed and ready to offer paid adult content.

If your website is about selling guitars, but people who come to your website are interested in buying a mobile phone, then no one is going to stay on your website for long. If you have a sex website, you must make Google understand that it associates you with adult queries.

When people come to your website from Google, they are looking for something that your website has to offer and therefore when they come to your website they are more likely to buy what you have to offer.

That’s why when someone has a website,  the most important metric is the traffic  their website receives from Google.

The more traffic, the more money you will make, whatever niche you are in.

If you’re not using the power of Google, then chances are you’re missing out on a great opportunity. Especially in the field of adult web pages, which is where more income can be obtained.

If in addition to this, you qualify the traffic, that is, you reduce the number of viewers and focus on the qualified traffic of people who want to buy, your earnings will multiply. And your web hosting costs will be reduced.

The more you qualify, the more income you will generate for less money  invested! Every penny you squeeze more. That is called optimizing performance and being much more productive.

Here is a picture of one of my websites, as you can see about 70% of my traffic comes from Google, this all happened just because I followed these  Adult SEO techniques

adult seo
See how important it is to appear in the first positions of Google

As you can see Google is everything. So let’s get to work right now

Now it’s your turn to speak, dear reader.

Have you already received any of my emails? Have you followed the steps to do? Are you already generating your first passive income? Comment!