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SEO for adult sites | How to get many visits from Google?

When we talk about SEO for adult websites, we refer to receiving visits from search engines such as Google and Bing. The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, that is, optimizing our website so that it is indexed in search engines.

Once our site is already indexed, it will be shown to people searching on Google or Bing.

Doing SEO for adult sites may seem complicated and boring at first, but nothing a little practice can’t fix. And the reward comes over time… Anyone looking to rank well in search results must understand that this comes in the medium and long term.

Waiting will reap the rewards though, as organic traffic pays much better than traffic that comes from associations or link aggregators. If you came here by parachute, I prepared a series of videos where I show you how to create an adult website from scratch and get traffic through aggregators.

But anyway, how does SEO work for adult websites?
Imagine the following situation: a random person types in Google “watch porn video”. Google will naturally show a series of results that match that term, that is, sites that deal with the topic.

Sites that show up at the top will get a lot of hits, as we tend to click on the first few results that come up.

So if you want to have a website that gets good traffic from search engines, you need to be placed on the first page at least! But, it is preferable to be in the top 3, because then your traffic will be much higher.

How to do SEO for adult websites?
Now that we know how this works, we need to understand how to do it and put it into practice!

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In the list below, I put some points that will help us:

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Remember the example above, where the user searches for “watch porn video” on Google? that is, the search engine will show a list of results, where the sites that have a page that speaks exactly of the searched term will be shown. 

So what we need to have on the site are posts created specifically for the terms that users are searching for. so when someone does a search on Google or Bing, it will show our site and people will click.

However, to create posts for keywords, we need to know what people are searching for! therefore, we need to conduct keyword research.

keyword research
To create targeted posts, we need to know exactly what people are searching for! And for that we will use a keyword research tool!

In the video below, I show you how to use Ubersuggest, which is a tool that will help us in this search. And still in the video I give a very useful tip on how to create your website name if you want to rank well!