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How to Make Money with Niche Mature Webcam (Passive Income with Live Cam Revenue)

Today I came to talk about a new affiliate system, it’s actually not new (let’s say) because I haven’t presented it here yet

I’m going to talk about Live Cam Revenue and how you can make money from it whether you have an adult site or not.

One of the coolest and I would even say easiest methods for you to make money from adult traffic. I’m going to show here the result I had and I’ll explain why this result, because it’s worth joining the Live Cam Revenue .

First you access Live Cam Revenue . In this screenshot I’m already logged in, you notice that I already have R$278.35 here on Live Cam Revenue . Well, how does this affiliate work? For those of you who don’t know, Live Cam Revenue is the affiliate platform of Privê Camera Chaturbate , which is that site that people go to and have several Camgirls , which are women that people can pay to see videos of these nude women live

So, with this system here you refer people to Privê Camera , then you refer someone and whenever this person you referred pays for a Camgirl you earn money. What is the advantage of this? Well first I’m showing my R$278.35 here . If you follow me you know that I have shown numbers much larger than this. So why am I showing this amount of R$278 here? Because this is one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet!

I tell you this because I didn’t do almost anything to get this value here, and I explain to you how it works.

Cam Girls: Who They Are and What’s Behind the Camming Industry

On this platform, whether you have a website (or not), I will explain at the end of the video. You will generate a link for you, you click on “Generate Link” and you can go to either “ Private Camera ” or “ ”. But Shemale is not from Brazil.

You can choose the category as Mixed; Girls; Trans women; Boys; Trans men .

Then you create a Campaign name and generate a Link. After generating a link this will be your link to be used by you as an affiliate:

So what you need to do is just publicize the link that Live Cam Revenue gives you. If the person clicks on your Link, they will register in Privê Camera , so far you don’t earn anything.

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But if the person buys on Privê Camera , you will receive 10% commission from each purchase. On this platform the person simply clicks on a CamGirlfor example, and she starts chatting with one of these CamGirls. Your user registered by your link can go to a private chat chat, if the person pays for the streaming porno service you earn 10% of each payment made by your affiliate link. So this system is like this forever, that is, you indicated a guy three years ago, if he buys it until today (believe me, there are many people who are addicted to paying) you will be receiving it. As long as the person is using the platform to register for your link you will be making and earning money.

So that’s why I say with confidence that this R$278.00 here I didn’t do practically anything to have it.

Therefore, you also have the way to advertise through Banners. You can create a banner and generate a banner with your link now. You can put on your website the link to start having subscribers to give you money. You can also advertise an affiliate. 

Well, there are some things I want to talk about here.

All that money I’ve generated with Live Cam Revenue , I didn’t make it with an adult site. I could have done it, I could put a link on my sites, some of my sites and get people to sign up.

However, I tried a different way and I hardly put it on any site. 

I present the payment statistics and you can see the amount of visits I needed to send to generate this value:

For you to have an idea, here is the monthly report carried out on March 9, 2020. I sent a visit here in September.

In total here I sent 7 visits , got 0 registration and even so I made 65 transactions , or R$278.35 . Then you ask me: “ How did you send 7 visits, you didn’t have any records and even so you made 278 R$? 


That’s the magic! Because in the past I didn’t use the method to get more entries so I indicated my affiliate link a lot. So see in June 2018. I indicated the link and I didn’t need many visits to register, so I put it here in June 2018. See:

I sent 1000 Visits (HITS) , got 986 unique visits ( unique visits do not count the visits that came back, only the visits I sent and the person entered). So out of 1000 visits I got 110 records and from these records I got 16 transactions . I made a profit of R$108 . 

What happens? As I said, I can get these entries here and it’s already that I have 836 people registered here, while 836 people are on the site, buying and coming back , I’ll be constantly receiving it without needing to do anything else

That’s why I haven’t released Live Cam Revenue for a long time and it still makes me money, that’s why I’m here promoting R$278.00 , because it’s a value without doing absolutely anything.

This is what we call Passive Income , that’s why I want to refer this affiliate, because it can help you a lot to make a profit practically automatically. 

Hope you understand how it works. If you want to know more you can send me an email to: 

I showed you how I made money, practically without doing anything. So, imagine yourself on the internet making money doing nothing. Those 800 people that I indicated, until now will generate money for me. So if they decide to spend, for example, 1000 reais , I will earn 100 reais , as it is 10% of profit .

So I’m going to review the Live Cam Revenue perks for you. First, you will earn money by referring the Privê Camera , which is very easy. If you indicate the link to someone and say “ Look at this girl here, online now ”, send the link: the person will click . In this sense, the Privê Camera itself does all the marketing for people to register, then send it back to the site without you having to do anything else. Therefore, you can place a link on your site and earn money, at the same time there are other forms of promotion that we will talk about here at the end.

It is a Passive Income , which is one that you do not need to do almost anything to receive. You only have one effort, then it generates income for your entire life. Payment is monthly , you receive every 15th of the month . You have a limit there, for example: you can put R$100 , which is the minimum withdrawal limit and when you reach these 100 reais, every 15th day you will receive the payment

You have 10% lifetime commission . I made my first registration 2 years ago and they have not changed this policy. It may change someday, but for now it’s worth it, that is, it’s lifetime you will always have this commission while the person is on the site.

Now I want to give information important to you . If you want to start getting this kind of result, with as little effort as possible, I want to introduce you to my new course.

I want to introduce you to the Adult Affiliate .

If you know this site / channel you will know the Adult Income , in which I teach people to create and monetize visits, earn money with an adult site. However, what is the difference between the Adult Income Course and the one I am launching now, the Adult Affiliate course. 

The thing is, the Adult Affiliate course is a set of methods that will teach you how to make money with adult websites without having to create a website. Many people find it difficult to create a website from scratch, and want a faster way to raise money on the internet. 

We are going to learn how to make money on the internet . So, I created a set of methods that will teach you how to make money from an adult website without having to create one. You will put there the “ Xvideos ”, the “ XHammster ”, the “ PornoHub ” and others. You will make these sites make money for you for free. You will also learn how to turn your cell phone into a cash machine

Practically like an ATM, because your cell phone can work for you to automatically generate money. For example, the Live Cam Revenue that I showed you here now is one of the methods. I didn’t use any adult site to get those entries. I used one of those methods I teach in the Adult Affiliate course .

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Another thing I have to tell you is that you will also learn how to make money with Tinder . Here’s an unexplored thing that few people know. I created this method just for you to be able to profit from Tinder , as much as Whatsapp , Telegram , and other applications that you will learn to earn money with on your cell phone. Maybe you already know the digital products market: Monetizze , Hotmart . You will learn how to sell as an affiliate using organic adult traffic without having to invest anything. 


I’m launching this course now with a lot of classes. If you want to purchase this course now with a promotional price, you can visit . There I explain about the course and after a while I will close his vacancies . 

If you already have websites and want to start Live Cam Revenue , this is an opportunity for you to earn money. If you want to learn this set of methods, where I teach step by step how to make money on the internet in a faster, easier and effortless way with an adult niche. 
Access the website. Because the adult niche is very little explored by other people, so here is a solution for you! I hope you enjoyed the post, I will make more posts from now on, stay tuned.

A big hug and see you in Success!

Cam Girls: Who They Are and What’s Behind the Camming Industry