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Cam Girls: Who They Are and What’s Behind the Camming Industry

This market makes billions a year and, with the quarantine, the search has increased even more. We talked with a cam girl, a sexologist and a sociologist to understand how it works and reflect on it

Viewing your body on the internet through a webcam goes far beyond virtual sex . “Once in a while, we work as a psychologist and even as a mother,” says Molive, who is 20 years old and has been working with camming since 2018.

In Brazil, cam girls became better kno

wn in 2014, when model Clara Aguilar participated in Big Brother Brasil and told about her work: online exhibitionism shows . The term “cam” is related to webcam and can be used for both women (cam girls) and men (cam boys).

Molive entered this market when she became unemployed , and soon after completing 18 years of age. “A friend told me about the site, but she didn’t explain how it worked properly. I signed up and only realized it was sex- related when I read the rules – nenitas which mentioned nudity being prohibited in free chats. In my first appointment, I already had an intimate contact with the guy. I learned in practice ”, he says.


Today, camming is the main source of income for Molive , which claims that its other sources of income (she also works with tattoos and illustrations ) do not yield as much or as fast as her virtual services.

For sociologist Isabelle Anchieta, reflection on the subject goes further. “For me, cam girls are the extreme end of a society that has eroticized the body . It is interesting to think of them as a reflection of something that happens to all women , with offering something in exchange for attention”, she says.

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Although the model claims that most chats are sexual, she confesses that there are guys who look for her to simply chat . “A cam girl’s work is not necessarily related to sex. Many of them act as listeners, advisors, friends. They will sought to exchange ideas, to hear confidences , to receive praise and incentives, “says Carla Cecarello, sexologist and KY spokesman reference brand in intimate lubricants.

Molive explained to us that payment takes place by the minute: “Most calls are short. The timer is visible in the conversation. The guy looks at you and if you like it, stay. If not, hang up already. I’ve had chats for over two hours. There was a month when I worked 16 hours and earned R$1,600 – it’s a lot, so it’s addictive ”. On the website where the model works, which is Brazilian, most of the girls are Brazilian and so are the clients.

Of course, there are also appointments with unusual orders. “Once it happened that a guy already came into the conversation with a script all set up. He had a fetish for shooting and just wanted to ‘play bang bang’. I didn’t even take my clothes off in this conversation”, he says.

For the sociologist, the search for cam girls can arise from infinite causes, but it usually happens because these girls are already seen as people who will not judge the other. “When looking for her, whether for sexual contact or just a conversation, the guy knows he will be free from judgment. It is a woman who represents a place of breaking. ”

“ Eroticism is always something that cannot be mastered. It’s that place where the other takes you outside of yourself. In this way, the erotic displacement fits inside the camming fits because it does not depend on the physical character, but on the imaginary one ”, says Isabelle.

Self Knowledge X Prejudice
“I got into camming without knowing what it was, but I liked it. I like to see myself, to show off. I like this interaction with the camera and I enjoy it”, says Molive .

For the sexologist, a woman who is willing to expose her body is also willing to get to know it better . “Often, it’s women who find in this work a way to improve their self-esteem , to recognize themselves in a more independent way, because she can choose which public she wants to work with, at what time, and how much she wants to earn”, says Carla Cecarello.

We asked the model if she thought the market is also related to prostitution : “ I never thought of prostituting myself. I don’t want to have physical contact with these people. I like the security the site gives me and the pleasure it gives me because I get to know myself more and more”, he said.

Sociologist describes the practice as ” an erotic mode imaginary pornographic .”

“To this day my mother did not know what I do. My brothers know why some of the boys school found my profile on the site and were telling them. Of course that is prejudiced , people associate camming directly with prostitution. So, in general, I don’t tell people what I do,” says Molive .

Camming in the pandemic
In times of pandemic , Molive said that demand has increased a lot, as well as new models. “Some people stopped consuming because they lost money, but on the other hand, a lot of new customers started to appear – either because they discovered it existed or because they had more free time. In my case, I realized that the services are even better. The guys are more participative and interested in a chat first ”.

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“Many girls came to me asking how to get on the site. This worries me because several of them are going to start in the market the same way I do, without knowing what it is ”, reflects Molive .

What’s Behind This Industry
At the end of last year, Molive left camming to take care of her mental health . From December 2019 to May 2020, she was left without any assistance. “It was a detox. The site is very addictive, and spending so much time on it, I ended up looking at my body as a sex object . I felt very objectified and decided to take a break, “he says.” Today I went back to the camming with a much lower frequency and with an accompanying psychological . I also try to occupy my head with other things, like reading a book for example”.

“Everyone, at some point, experiences this relationship between the private and the public. In the camming market, the limit is even more complicated”, says Isabelle.

The model said that the guys are often rude and that the site even provides support for technical help or with some clients, but nothing related to the girls’ mental health. In addition, she currently devotes more time to create content that are sold within the platform, than in calls online.

“We are never just objects. As much as we try to objectify people, there will always be suffering when there is an understanding that this relationship is being established as an exchange ”, explains Isabelle. “The cam girls have to find within this exhibition some space that is still intimate with them to maintain their mental health , which continues to depend on a place that is not exposed all the time”, concludes and advises the sociologist.