Well, before knowing which ones to use and why, we have to understand what a plugin is.

Plugins are add-ons to your website, which will bring new features, or just complete existing ones. Example, wordpress does not offer a native option to send notifications to website visitors, but OneSignal plugin, for example, will add this function to your website.

Therefore, there are some points that we should pay attention to during the course of the project, they are:

  • Send notifications to website visitors so that they return;
  • Prevent people from leaving the video and continuing to watch it on xvideos, for example;
  • Post content more easily using a video importer;
  • Make your website faster with a cache plugin;
  • Use the classic wordpress editor, which is the best (in my opinion) and prettier simple and intuitive to use.
  • Seo plugin so we can make our posts “cute” for search engines;

But anyway, continuing to talk about plugins for adult sites, we will now cover 1 by 1 and explain it briefly. Soon there will be new articles explaining how to use each of them.

Send notifications to users

Studies show that about 70% of people who enter a site never return. And that rate tends to be higher for porn sites. That’s why it’s important to get these people to come back so they can page your site. This is not only great for you to earn money with your ads, but also seeing the Seo side, because searchers understand that if a person returns to your site, it is because it has “valuable” content, and that it helps people. That way, they’re going to think, “Wow, if people are returning to this site, it’s because they’re satisfied with the content! I’m going to start showing more often in search results.”

So your performance in organic searches will improve, and with that, but money, haha.

So okay, but what are these notifications? You’ve probably already entered a website out there, and you’ve come across what is shown below:

If you click on “allow”, every time there is a new article on this site, it will send you a notification. And as soon as you click, you’ll be automatically redirected, and that way, you’ll take a look at his article.

This is not only effective for common sites, but also for adult sites it’s great! and that way you’ll get people to come back to your project.

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There are some plugins for adult sites that promise to do this for you, but the most famous one is onesignal and you can use it for free.

To install it is very easy, you can find it in the wordpress plugins area , as well as there are many tutorials on Youtube that show you how to install and customize it. But nowadays it has become indispensable for any niche!

Prevent people from leaving your site

Most likely you have already found a porn site out there that used the xvideos player. This is not a bad thing, however, if you double click this player, you will be redirected to the xvideos website. Do you want to take the test? I’ll put a video here below, and you can double click on it to see what happens!

If you’ve been redirected to xvideos then you now know what I’m talking about. This is a nightmare for any webmaster in the adult industry! because when the user leaves your site, you won’t make any money! theoretically the more time the user spends, the better!

Not to mention the bounce rate of the site up there, after all, people aren’t going to spend a lot of time on it.

Fortunately this has a solution! to avoid the above problem, the way would be to use your own player, and yes, you can do it. It’s not free, but it’s also not expensive and it will definitely help you a lot.

That’s why player plugins were developed, and what they do is overlay the xvideos player, and thus it will avoid the “leakage” of traffic from your site.

If you are more interested in knowing this, get in touch with me!

Make the site faster

In this list of plugins for adult sites couldn’t be missing one that would help your project’s performance, right? With high traffic, it is normal for the site to slow down, and this is very bad for both the user and you!

To make a post is literally torture, as well as changing its appearance, creating menus, etc.

There are countless reasons why your site is slow, so much so that it will yield a new article soon! But one of the main problems is the number of people online at the same time.

This will generate a lot of processing consumption on your server, and so naturally everything will slow down.

With that in mind, cache plugins were created, and they can solve your problem with load time, thus improving the visitor’s life, as well as yours.

What is a cache plugin?

It takes the most accessed data from the site, and leaves it stored in some area of ​​the hosting server. That way, when users log in, it will be much faster to load.

Example, 1 person accessed their website homepage, so the cache plugin will “remember” that page, so when the second person logs in, they will see a copy of what the first person saw.

The data will be stored and thus the loading will be faster for the next users, reducing the amount of server processing, and consequently, the loading speed.

Remembering that this is very important if you want to be “well seen” by search engines! after all, they won’t recommend slow sites to people.

Want to take a test? search for “porn” on google, and click on the top results. Did they load slowly, or fast?

There are several free plugins you can use for this purpose, and here I recommend using WP Fastest Cache. It’s much simpler to use, it’s free, and it has many tutorials you can follow.

Post content more easily

Following the list of plugins for adult sites, we come to the content creation part. You can manually add videos to your website, remembering that you will “get drunk” and not upload to your own server.

Doing this manually is exhausting and even boring, as it requires a lot of work. Not to mention that this type of site needs a lot of posts, a lot of it, and having to add it by hand is quite complicated.

That’s why we created several plugins to import directly from xvideos, so you can add videos in bulk to your website! without having to put 1 by 1.

There is not much to say in this regard, but if you are interested in having a plugin like this, please contact me.

classic wordpress editor

This is a matter of taste, but thousands of webmasters have said that the best wordpress text editor is the classic. Anyone who is old-fashioned in creating websites knows that this is true. It’s not because I’m used to using it, but because it’s an easier editor to use.

Here we have a comparison of the old with the new. The classic is much more intuitive, having the text editing tools at the top, while the current one is all “hidden” on the side.

This new one is in a system of “blocks”, trying to bring modernity. But the classic is the darling, much more intuitive and easy to use, which is why thousands of people use it today.

As soon as you install wordpress, it automatically brings the new editor, but installing the old one is quite easy. Just go to the plugins area, search for “classic editor” and install.

Seo for adult websites

This is for sure the most important part for any kind of website, and with porn sites it couldn’t be different. Seoing correctly will lead to a lot of organic visits (visits coming from google), and this is crucial for any business.

However, there are many points that deserve attention when doing this. If you want to have a site well positioned in search engines, you need to follow a series of “rituals” and with that your site will be positioned well in the results. If you want to know how to do this right, text me.

But to make an analysis of your content you need to have some plugin, and the most famous of all is Yoast Seo.

In addition to giving you tips on what to improve in your post, this plugin will show you how your page will be seen by search engines.

It is essential for anyone who wants to have a good ranking in surveys, and this way such a plugin cannot be missing on your site!

Mainly for porn sites, because all the time people are searching for porn! that’s where your site should come in and deliver what these users are searching for.

Remembering that Yoast Seo is free and can be found in the WordPress plugins area.


Adult website plugins are one of the points that deserve attention when creating your project, and without them, many things are not possible.

If you want to have a successful website, paying attention to these details is a very important thing! and these plugins from this list are indispensable!